11 July 2011

Changes and growth.

I haven't written a blog in about a month now because I've really been busy working and working some more. I am also 4 months pregnant and don't always have any energy at all.

But...I like writing these blogs, even if they really are random and slightly meaningless.
This one will be short and sweet, but today has been exhausting to say the least. We've needed rain for quite some time and today we got it. Along with damaging straight line winds and tons of lightning. A large, very old sassafrass tree that I really will miss was blown over by the storm. It narrowly (and by narrow I'm talking about 1/4" or less) missed hitting my dad's truck and other important things - like the garage that is almost done being remodeled into my studio.

Somehow, this tree fell perfectly into a pile of junk that we're going to put in a dumpster. As if someone or something or the tree itself guided it to fall where it did - because everyone that knows my family and I knows that luck isn't something we have in abundance. In fact, the tree had been slightly scorched from our barn fire of 2009. Apparently the fire did far more damage than we'd known because the base of the tree was rotten. Strangely, though, the tree was in beautiful full-leaved bloom when it blew over.

I will miss the old sassafras and how it stood next to the other old sassafras in the yard, but I'm glad the tree was here while it could be and went when it had to in the most graceful way possible.

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