29 August 2011

The Purple Shoppe in Michigan

The first couple of weekends at the Michigan Renaissance Festival have been really nice. I am absolutely, completely exhausted on Mondays, but I'm hoping that it will all be worth it.

This past weekend Jason couldn't come with me, so my friend Kristy Robinett graciously agreed to spend the 2 festival days with me and use her home as a crash zone so I wouldn't have to drive the 2 hours back to Ohio every night - or stay in a scary hotel all alone. Thanks, Kristy!

Janet, my friend since age 4, came up on Sunday and helped me close for the weekend. Thanks, Jan!

So, what do I sell in my shoppe? Paintings, prints, tile art, candles, wax melts/tarts, soaps, trinkets, etc. The booth is fairly large and was owned by Jessica Galbreth previously. She is a very tough act to follow! Our art is very different, but I'm hoping that people give me a chance. Jessica is still painting and creating, so everyone that loves her art should go look her up and see what she's doing these days. I am really grateful to Jessica for giving me the opportunity to start a little shoppe of my own.

Here are a few pictures that Kristy took of the booth while she was up there. I have more to add, but wanted to put these up for now.

If you're at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, stop by! I'm not far from the front gates between Black Dragon and Fiona's Fineries. Shrek lives on my block as well.

Art tiles, prints and scent lockets.

Outside looking toward the patio area of the larger half of the shoppe.

Wax melts on racks. Ready to put in  your melters. Prints, soaps and candles too!

Ceramic art tiles can be displayed in your home in many ways.